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Fenugreek Powder

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Product Description:

                   Maduras Herbals Fenugreek Powder is 100% Synthetic-free with no added substance and additives. Fenugreek is an interesting herb with diverse uses and many potential health benefits .


Improves Skin Health

Cures Hair fall problem

 Ingestion of fenugreek powder helps in decreasing body weight.

Helps relieve Constipation.

Aids Diabetes Treatment.

How to Use:

>You can add for Hair care and Skin care formulations.

>People with high cholesterol can take 10 to 30 grams of the seeds/powder three times a day, with meals.

Caution: Patch test is recommended before usage on skin or intake. In case of allergies kindly contact your dermatologist or your physician.

Packing and Storage: Store in airtight container or reseal properly after every use. Herbal powders are susceptible to microbial activity. Proper storage is recommended. It is natural for herbal powders to change color without losing their characteristics. Best before One year from packaging date.

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