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Hydrosol Basil

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What are Hydrosols?

         Hydrosols, often referred to as "flower waters," are the aromatic byproducts of the steam distillation process used to extract essential oils from plants. These gentle, water-based products carry a delicate fragrance and possess a wealth of therapeutic benefits. Unlike essential oils, hydrosols are mild and safe to use directly on the skin, making them a versatile addition to your daily self-care routine.

Basil Hydrosol Benefits:

Basil hydrosol is known to have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, making it a popular ingredient in skincare and beauty products.

It contains natural moisture-binding ingredients that help to keep skin healthy and hydrated without feeling greasy.

It is often used as a natural toner for the face, to help balance the skin's pH level and reduce redness and irritation

 Use Hydrosol Basil to help keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated all day.

How to Use Hydrosols:

Hydrosols offer a multitude of applications to enhance your daily life:

Skincare: Spritz directly on the face as a gentle toner, or mix with clay masks for added benefits.

Aromatherapy: Use as room sprays, linen refreshers, or in diffusers to create a calming ambiance.

Bath and Body: Add to bathwater for a relaxing soak or use as a body mist for a fragrant touch.

Mindfulness: Incorporate into meditation and yoga practices to enhance focus and relaxation.

Shelf Life * 6 Months     

                 Shelf life should not be considered as an expiration date. It depends on storage and handling the product. Many organic supplements are usable beyond the stated date when stored carefully.

Caution: A Patch test is recommended before using on skin. 

Packing and Storage:For best results, store it in a cool, dark place. It is a lightweight and versatile product that helps to nourish the skin.

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